Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ah Bureaucracy...

So we awoke in our 4 star hotel and bideted our bums and showered before headed to the bus stop to catch a bus in town to the actual US Embassy to get some emergency passports. We had to wait at the dang bus stop for like 30 minutes or so but did meet a lovely Italian pregnant woman from LA who helped us get back into town alright and consoled us and wiped away all our tears.

WE then went to the real Embassy and had to pay $135 in order to get the new passports but it was going to be an hour or so wait to get them printed so we went to the OTHER embassy and feasted on some burgers and McFlurries until we headed back to the US Embassy and grabbed our super expensive new passports. The lady there was super nice and sympathetic to our awful waffle situation. Sweet. Waffles.

Patrick fell down these… idiot.


Next was to head back to the police station nearby to re-file our police report not only because it was written incorrectly but also for insurance purposes. (Hopefully that is. We'll see about that) We we waiting for 2 whole agonizing hours while having the stupidest conversation in the entire world in the lobby. It was good craic. But then we finally got called and the guy said we had to wait until tomorrow for a translator. What a good waste of time!

So we just went back to the same hotel (for free still), got a mini-keg for our sorrows, and bideted our bums before going to bed.

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