Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a small town girl!

DSCN0865After seeing all the sights of Brussels, Elisa really wanted to show us around her lovely hometown of Ghen today so we dedicated this day to Ghent. But not before waking up, having cereal and meeting her lovely twin sister, Jana, who just come back from Pukkelpop. Pukkelpop (which apparently literally means zit pop or something weird) is Belgium’s big annual music festival a la Oxegen or Bonnaroo. And the lineup was awesome and it sold out or else I would’ve gone. Stupid. It was basically all over the news and radio. Salt in the wound. Also some crazy stuff happened like 3 people died including a band member. But anyways, it was wonderful talking to Jana even though she was super tired from her 7am train home.


DSCN0867Now was our your with our wonderful tour guide Elisa (who has a sister than didn’t believe she would be a very good tour guide… haha) But it was great. It consisted of statues, cathedrals (of course) and old building. And we took a boat tour through the canals of Ghent which was very cool. We saw some castles, another Manneken Pis and some quite peculiar painting on some walls.




Peculiar indeed…


Afterwards we got a drink at this literal hole in the wall café jammed between two building and it was swell. On the way home we saw a few more cathedrals as well as this really sick alley where they allow people to do graffiti freely and we even spotting some tagging in action. Nice.


Look at how little the hole is! How cute!

Dinna time! Elisa made spaghetti! Everyone ghent graffitiincluding her friend Zlotz came over for it. I brought the baguette and some wine I had been toting around since Italy. It was worth the wait. Delicious stuff all around. Then we all chatted about crazy cultural differences and music for a while before Zlotz went home and Jana left to take care of her dog. So after hanging out with Elisa a bit longer, all three of us went to bed.


My crazy European summer is almost over. This was the last stop…

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