Monday, August 9, 2010

Well... Crap

Let's get the formalities out of the way and first talk about the sights that we saw and all the touristy stuff.


DSCN0555So we got up around 7 and got an all-day parking slip for the car (remember this fact) and then set off towards Vatican City. We took the metro to the Vatican to see all the lovely churches and buildings there. We had roughly 75 people come up to us trying to sell us this VIP passed to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel for like 45E each and we just weren't having that so we kept walking to the church.

DSCN0551The line for the Basilica wasn't too long to we jumped in, waited out butts off, and got in. We went to the tombs of the popes first and then to the actual Basilica cathedral room. Absolutely gorgeous. We saw Pope John Paul II tomb also and it was extremely pretty. What a guy. And ya the cathedral was simply amazing and definitely the most beautiful cathedral I've ever seen.


Oh? 10,000 people in line? NBD.

DSCN0602The Sistine Chapel was next since it was still in Vatican City and all, except for the fact that the line was definitely 3 bloody, stinkin hours long. No lie. And in the sun. 15 miles uphill! (dramatization on that last bit) But whatever. Worth it. The museums were awesome and it even had a modern art section about the pope and the church and Christianity. INSIDE the Vatican museums! So legit. And we went into a bunch of rooms with frescos and finally into the on, the only, SISTINE CHAPEL!!! Hooray!! Again. Gorgeous room. As was "The Last Judgment" on the wall. So lucky to see all these amazing paintings and works of art.




Then we ate at dinner at this cheap place and the spaghetti carbonara was really fantastic and tingled the taste buds on my tongue for sure. The ham was great. Then after that... things went downhill... as usual for this trip.

DSCN0621So we took the subway back to our minivan and guess what? BAM! Parking freaking ticket on the window. I got an Italian parking ticket. And I don't even know how to pay it, not to mention that we had a paid parking slip but of course it fell down the dash of the car so it wasn't easily visible to the lovely meter maid. 38E. Great. Perfect.

AND THEN! Patrick walked outside of the car and was saying something about how he thinks we got vandalised and to check if anything's missing. And guess what was missing?


DSCN0608All of our bags. All of our clothes. Two ipods. Two cell phones. My laptop. My portable harddrive with ALL of my Europe photos. Our 4 passports and some other stuff in our bags which they took completely. GONE! Seriously. Parking ticket and then robbery. This day is going swell.

So after screaming and yelling about it for like 20 minutes we decided to go to the Embassy. But this time, the ACTUAL US Embassy in Rome. It was closed. HA. So we filed a police report in Italian and drove to an internet cafe to email important family members and try and look up some stuff about theft, yadda yadda.



Ooh! Modern art.

BAM! Our tire exploded as we pulled up to the cafe. HA! Love life! So we had to call the Peugeot dealership (after 20 failed attempts) and had to arrange a tow truck. (Which was funny because they kept asking if we had a hotel booked anywhere which was definitely an awkward point to avoid) So we then walked to the train station to try and buy a new phone charger since they stole that too. I was the only one that had my phone on me that day (the old faithful Sony Ericsson) but the train station was closed. Yup.


DSCN0629This is how I feel…

But then we found out that Peugeot booked us a 4 star hotel for the night! Woo! So we grabbed some brews from a convenience store and got in our free taxi to the hotel. And slept. What a freaking day.

A day that will live in infamy forever. R-DAY.



We could be here… oh wait!

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