Friday, August 6, 2010

Changing Gears…

More on the title later but we woke up right in the middle of a bunch of tourists walking to the tower. Hilarious. Especially when we let Patrick out of the trunk.


AAAnyways…. we got up and snapped some day pictures since the sun was up and all and then set off again. We drove for a while until we decided it was time to mix things up.



I drove! Woo! Yes I drove a stick. Sorta. Never driven a stick before butDSCN0506 I did it for about an hour or so today. It was on back country roads towards Grosseto which is on the way to Rome. Then we switched back because of some crazy traffic I wasn’t quite ready to tackle just yet. But I only stalled a couple times trying to get going. Otherwise it was fine.


We stopped at another sweet beach but this one was made up of pebbles and rocks. But it was still cool. Refreshing cool waters on my DSCN0500feet/ Alright enough of that. Back on the road. I drove all the way to Rome and tried to find a campsite to stay at and I even managed to do some hills but Patrick was being a jerk so I made him drive again and what did this imbecile do?


DROVE OVER A FREAKING NAIL! Yes really. And so after our terrible string of luck, we just gave up and slept in an Embassy’s (MickeyDee’s) parking lot. We also weren’t sure whether to call the assistance line for our car and pay money or just spray this foam stuff in our tire and just risk it.

So we slept on it. What luck. Wow. Wow…



Also… this dude cut me off. Report him!

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