Friday, August 13, 2010

Praha Livin’

Well it took a while but we did manage to find some parking which was one of the tightest parallel parking spots ever. First course of action: Embassy trip and the Cheeseburger Challenge.


cheese challenge



Let me explain…





Basically I challenged Patrick that I could eat 10 McDonald’s cheeseburgers in one siting. Ya. Intense. So we walked up and ordered 40 cheeseburgers for the 4 of us like it was nothing. And, being in Eastern Europe now, it was crazy cheap. The conversion is about 1€ to 27 Czech Krons. And I cheeseburger was around 20CK so like a 70 cent expense. Not bad.

DSCN0637Unfortunately, the 10 were just too much for me and T-Feast and also Mike the Second. But Patrick prevail. What a loser. Eh I guess he’s the champ. Whatever! As we more or less finished eating, Mike the First showed up and ate the rest of our burgers. It’s just too bad he messed the insanity of the first half of this trip.

We then walked around Prague and checked out the amazing sights including cathedrals and castles and the like. Also a super awesome jazz old timey sorta band that was Czech. They were playing on the main bridge and it was simply marvelous. Check out one of their songs here. Then…


It rained. As usual. In my time here in Europe I have come to the conclusion that it rains… a lot. Everywhere all the time. As is the same with construction. Everywhere. All the time. Goodness gracious.


Anyways, on the way down a humungous hill we stopped in a bar and got some lovely and super cheap Czech brews which were only like 1€ (or $1.25 at a bar so not bad). You may know it better as Pilsner Urquell. But also we tried some other darker beers from Czech Republic as well. Europe loves their beer. And speaking of things to love, we went back to Mike the First’s hostel where he was staying and had a Cuban cigar. It was great. Suck it Embargo!


Time to check out the nightlife! The girl at the hostel recommended us to this club across town that wasn’t lame and touristy so we decided to bite. We rode the metro there (Patty and I have a love of metros as you might have noticed) which was semi-free. Ha. And then we got to definitely the weirdest night club ever. Let me just tell you… effects of communism still are evident in Czech Republic because the building was ultra-industrial with pipes and motors and stuff like that all over the place. Not to mention the people all just stand in lines facing the DJ nodding their heads and barely actually moving. So creepy. I love techno and all but this was just beyond bizarre. Patrick and I tried to stir things up by dancing all around and it actually worked just a little bit in the smaller dance room but the main room was not having any of our pro-capitalistic dancing  shenanigans. The poor things.


So we bounced and had a nice hour long walk back home in the rain and slept quite well. Right in the middle of city centre again. Love it.

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