Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sad Day

Well here it is. A huge milestone in our epic Amazing Race. Two contenders leave. Big stuff. The two contenders left the Race from Berlin and are headed back to the States with their tails between their legs. Ha. Just kidding but T-leave and Patty have officially left the trip.

We got up and the two of them started packing their stuff into two of the sleeping bag bags we had left since obviously we don't have actual backpacks anymore. It was cute so once they packed (or so Patty thought) we headed into city to meet up with Mike and Logan and get some good DSCN0683German food. We did. It was fantastic (even the sauerkraut is good here which I usually hate) and I had possibly the most delicious beer ever. Hefeweisen. Apparently this means Hell Beer but that doesn't matter now. It's amazing. I had a Hofbrau and Paulaner.

After that we went to the entrance point of the wall near the US and British Embassies (which was very modern and cool). Then the big moment came. We took T-train and Patty to the subway station to send them off. Sad day. Good riddance jerks! Leaving us like that. Oh well. We went and drowned our sorrows with a pint of Hefeweisen. Ya. Then we went and checked out Checkpoint Charlie where you would actually pass through the border patrols. So weird. As was the Berlin Wall decorated Embassy (McD’s) there. But the Magnum Brownie McFlurry was sooo good!


We walked along the shopping section of Berlin for a bit to mail some cards and I also stopped by H&M because I needed a sweater since it was getting a bit chilly outside and mine was stolen in ROOOOME! Then we went to the Monument for Murdered Jews and it was very interesting. Basically people wanted a very visible monument to the murdered Jews in WWII. So it’s a huge square area with enormous cement blocks of different sizes all in rows. It’s quite a sight really. And the bunker below it is all about Jews that were murdered in the war. They even read small 3 minute biographies of Jews that they know of that died. Powerful stuff.


Guess who it is!


We headed back to Logan’s hostel but not before finding this really cool found object sculpture gallery in this sketch alley of Berlin and I DSCN0672freaking loved it! Unfortunately my camera is dead at this point but charging so I haven’t snagged many pictures. Stupid crap. After that we grabbed some quick pasta for dinner and a couple more Hefeweisens and wandered around back the the car... 2 men short. And a good laugh was had when we found Patty’s glasses case and contact solution sitting on top of the car. What an idiot!


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