Monday, August 16, 2010

Knock it down!

Well we only got about 2 hours out of Krakow before we were practically veering off the road so we did. And slept for about 4 hours or so. Then back to it! Pretty smooth sailing until literally the moment we entered Germany we got invaded. No joke. We were just listening to some Vampire Weekend on the car cd player when BAM! It switched over to the radio and said traffic alert. Seriously? Is it necessary to take over my car stereo and tell me about the traffic? Nope. Sheesh. Why did they even put that technology into the car stereo. Kinda scary.

Then once I started driving we hit some huuuge traffic, which I reckon is what that alert was about. And it sucked because that's the first time I've driven a stick in traffic and it was completely miserable. My clutch leg was so tired from keeping the clutch depressed that I wanted to chop it off. Ridiculous! But I finally got us to Berlin and sped on the AutoBahn on the way (although I guess it's not really speeding is it?). We drove around Berlin for a bit looking for a free parking spot and finally found one across the river from the train station. (keep that last bit in mind)



And I thought the US had a roach problem…

Food was next since we hadn't eaten pretty much all day. We searched and searched for a place to get a German sausage and liter mug but we came up with nothing so we grabbed some pizza at a cheap little shop and of course tried some German Pilsner brews. And while walking around we came across a Haagan-Das and being in Germany, it had to happen. It was delicious!! I had chocolate, pralines and caramel. Phewee!


Awesome architecture. And that blue van! Wowee!

Since we had a few hours until Mike and Logan's train got in(actually now a bus since they missed the train. Fools), we went to check out the Berlin Wall. Very interesting and terribly weird to be honest. Having an enormous wall that just splits a country and city like that is totally bizarre. But it's good that it is now fallen. Only a few sections remain for history's sake. We also checked out the “Topology of Terror” Museum right there which talked about Berlin Wall as well as the buildings the Nazis took over and use in the 30s and 40s up until the bombing of Berlin pretty much destroyed them all. Interesting stuff.

On the way to meet Mike and Logan we saw some weird purple pipes running through town. Remnants of communism. I know it! Then we met Mike at the huge TV tower (although dwarfed by Prague's TV tower) and after chillin some it was bedtime. Too bad it took us two hours in the rain to get home. Patrick was dumb and mixed up the local train station and the international train station. Not to mention Booty led us in a huge circle. The fools...

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