Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I officially deem this road trip “The Amazing Race: Europe” because I can say, without hyperbole, that this trip would make for fantastic television. And there actually may be a short (or long) film this winter which is going to rock because we are trying to document crap like crazy with all of our cameras. Should be great.

But before we get into the adventure, a little update on the last week and what all went down. So basically me, Patrick, Tyler, and Mike the first had to work the entire week for around 10 hours a day Usually around 11 in the morning to 9 at night when the Galway Races were over. Around 70+ hours in a week. Maybe if I were a robot that would be acceptable but seeing as drinking gasoline makes me want to vomit, I don’t think I am. More on gasoline later. But ya the races are this real hoity toity event in Galway each year people bet their houses and wives on horses trying to win a race all while dressing real fancy-like. On one day there is a best dressed lady and best hat competition which have prizes worth like 15000 euro (which the conversion rate is like 1.2 so around $18000). And let me tell you these hates were just about as big and guady as the women wearing them. So crazy. But all I really did at the races was operate a broken wheel chair lift. It was grand and so freaking easy. Except for all the stupid knackers. (brats)

So at this point you may be wondering why there aren’t any photos documenting this occasion because surely I took some. Well you would be absolutely correct because I did.But one of the very last nights in Galway, Ireland and right before I go on an intense road trip across countries which do not speak my language where something like an iPhone may come in handy, Patrick and I decided to work a couple extra hours of security work by working the barriers in city centre until 2am. Nothing crazy.

Well instead they decided to put us at the Radisson Hotel in city centre which is essentially the whole countries after party for the races. So we show up after hitching a ride with some locals coming from the races and they assign up to, of all places, the dance arena. Why of course. But luckily it’s super lax and Patrick and I just text each other from across the room the whole time. That is until 3am while walking around the dance floor when I guess someone bumped me and hit my wonderful iPhone 3Gs out of my shirt pocket. I searched like crazy with Patrick until 5am when were FINALLY let off. Called and texted and even emailed the phone about a million times but it was gone. Fantastic. Love my life.

But that’s life. I’ve only lost a Zune and iPhone and broken my nice new headphones in the past 5 months. Perfect indeed. I’ll end this post here and start the amazing race posts next time. Cheers!

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