Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lost in (Roman) Space

Well we set off towards Rome despite the nail because the tire held out over the night and we wanted to just get into Rome since we were just on the outskirts.

DSCN0509Hey! This isn’t Rome!

If only things for us could be that easy...


Is that it?

We tried and tried to get into town but instead we drove around the backstreets for around 2 hours completely lost. Once we finally made it in town, parking was absolutely impossible to find. We managed to get a spot on this empty street near the Coliseum which was nice.

So obviously we checked out the Coliseum first and it was quite amazing. The fact that this stadium has stood for almost 2000 years and so much blood has been spilled there is just crazy. A bunch of ancient ruins were next to that so we had to check those out of course. Very cool as well.

At this point we need a banjo real bad. (aka slasher, pisser, toilet, pooper, facilities, ...bathroom) The nearest restaurant was charging 5E for a soda which is absurd. So we walked all the way to the train station and had to pay .80E to use the toilet. Seriously?! Man. Most expensive toilet in Europe. No joke.

Then I slept in the trunk of the car which was honestly the most uncomfortable night of my life. Worse than the time the boogey man spooned with me. It was SO hot and stuffy and cramped in that trunk. I probably lost a few pounds that night from the sweating alone. And all the jelly and NutElla jars back there. But I did sleep a little.



Freaking Asians… they’re everywhere!

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