Monday, August 23, 2010

I’m a Ramblin’ Man

2 measly hours later Mike and I woke up because a) we had to find the bus station that took us to the airport over an hour away and b) we didn’t print out our boarding passes and c) didn’t have internet to figure out any of this the easy way. Of course we wandered around Paris for 30 minutes and eventually stumble upon our bus station magically due to some very limited directions from our dear friend Leigh.

Once we arrived at the Airport, the lady at the front desk says it’s 40€ to print the boarding passes but Mike and I weren’t having that DSCN0890so we sweet talked the guy at the central check in desk and got it fo’ FREE! Woo! Ya! So we got in our little plane to Dublin and when we arrived, we headed to another type of Embassy of course, and the to the USIT office (the people who gave us the work visas in the first place) to get our bags which Leigh so nicely left there for us.

So we have some savage craic with our buddy and helpful friend, Gillian, there and headed out to eat. We went to this restaurant called Elephant and Castle and it was absolutely to die for. Steak sandwich… so good you can’t believe it. Afterwards I just went around Dublin and explored some of the shops and what not since we had some time to kill.

Then the final ceremony. A pint of Guinness at an Irish Pub. It had to happen. And it did. We walked to the Temple Bar in Dublin and got a Guinness as well as our other favorites that won’t be as delicious DSCN0889back in the States like Heineken and Mike’s fave, Carlsburg. And let’s not forget Bulmers, that delicious nectar that is a hard cider). To top it off we watched a traditional Irish band to end our final night in this great land of Ireland. Twas a good choice indeed.

Farewell Ireland it’s been some savagely mental craic here.

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