Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Tired Mile

We got up at like 7 the next day and proceeded to drive five more hours to get to Amsterdam in time for Mike the Second’s bus to Brussels so he could get home. We parked for the ridiculous price of 5€/hr and found his station as well as got some parking tips. So we got back in the car and drove to the airport but parking was definitely no cheaper there so we drove back into city centre.


Apparently there are like 75,000 bikes in there…

Meanwhile there are hills ALL OVER town so I’ve stalled the car a few times at this point... including right on the tram tracks in front of an oncoming tram. And that’s where my story ends.... Just kidding! Just like in the movies I got it started just in time and speed away. Ok kidding again. The tram stopped and loudly honked at me while I stalled 2 more times panicking and finally got out of the way. We finally found parking for stupid 38€ a day! A DAY!!! Ouch! But that’s how it is here.


It’s like Las Ramblas all over again. Vader!!

Since we could explore now we walked to Central Station and saw some awesome and squished architecture. And we grabbed a pint of delicious Heineken because it’s brewed here in Amsterdam and is definitely one of my favorite beers right next to Hefeweisen.


DSCN0780We, of course, walked through the madness that is the red light district for a few minutes (no pictures there!) and then went and walked to Amsterdam’s first “coffeeshop” to check it out. I think you can take a guess as to what they sell there. It ain’t coffee. It’s souvenir t-shirts!!

Then we stopped at the most expensive Embassy so far and got McFlurries. We looked in a huge record shop for a moment and then searched for a pub for like 30 mins. And wouldn’t you know it, we accidentally got some pints at the most manly, traditional looking gay bar ever. Whoops...

DSCN0785Seriously look at this pub! So manly.

Then we slept. Phew what a day. So tired.

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