Sunday, August 22, 2010

A night in Paris

Another day, another country and city… and language… and friend. What I’m getting at is that today is the day we left Belgium and went to Paris, France where we unfortunately had to return my baby, whom I now deem Maureen, to the Peugeot dealership.

So we cleaned up a bit in Ghent and said our goodbyes to ElisaDSCN0879, our most generous and wonderful host in Belgium and we spent a little time getting lost in Ghent trying to get out and finally got on track to Paris. Phew. Last leg. The homestretch of the road trip here. So weird. IT rook a few hours to get to Paris due to the stupid traffic that is absolutely killer using a clutch, let me tell you, but we listened to Studio Brussels for the most part which is seriously the most legit radio station ever. They played stuff American radio would never play. Sweet!


Those two bags are all of my belongings… haha how sad.

Once we got to the Charles De Gaulle Airport things got really interesting since no one seemed to know (or care) where the Peugeot parking lot was. Jerks. It only took us like 30 mins to find but we finally did and return our broken baby which still had a bent and cracked front key lock mechanism. We then took a shuttle to a metro train to the middle of town to meet our old friend Laura who couchsurfed with us several times in Galway along with her friend Anies. They are both from the lovely town Brest in west France.




We met them and wandered around Paris for a bit before we headed back to Laura’s Grandma’s flat on the outskirts of city centre. Laura packed some wine and bread for some “a” DSCN0881named thing that basically means you eat and drink a little before actual dinner time. Only this was at 9:30pm at night. So late for food! Apparently not for the French. We climbed this giant hill (where we happened to spot a Hummer. A hummer! in Paris! Imagine that!!) and we got to the top and saw the Moulin Rouge and looked at the amazing skyline of Paris for a while before it started to rain. Figures.


We went back and the girl’s cooked rice and curry and well all chatted about cultural differences as this seems to be a a popular discussion to have with Americans. We did that for a while before getting to bed around 3 am. Phew. Last day of the road trip!!

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