Thursday, August 5, 2010

That’sa Spezia Meatballa’!

DSCN0437We chilled at the lovely lookout spot for a bit while waking up then drove into town to explore again. Since we couldn’t find parking we just kept driving on the coast to some other little towns in Cinque Terra just by randomly choosing whether to turn left or right on a whim. Great plan. Which of course ended up with us backing down a super steep and narrow road again. HA. But at least this time it wasn’t raining and there were no other cars. Back to La Spezia.

DSCN0457We parked in our spot from the day before then walked through an awesome open air market for clothes and jewelry and other counterfeit goods like sunglasses. It was pretty cool but it was also quite evident that all of the clothes were counterfeit. Sweet. Reminded me of Barcelona a bit where these guys would have fake purses/sunglasses on a sheet then if the cops came they just pulled this one drawstring that turned it into a bag and ran. Classic.

After that we went to an internet café and checked our bank accounts. PAID! Woo! 940 euro for the month of july working terrible security jobs. And that’s like 1300 or so bucks. So that’s just swell.


Wandering through the town having ridiculous conversations was next. Basically Patrick was trying to make the absurd argument how he would’ve fought on the British side in the Revolutionary War and he hates righteous people and loves Hitler. Ya. What a jerk. (dramatization)


Time for dinner! We were definitely the first people at the restaurant at like 7pm. Whoops. Guess we should’ve taken that afternoon siesta at 3 like the rest of Italy. Even so we got some Italian brews and pizza from a guy who spoke like no English. Tasty and real Italian. And insanely fast. He had each of us our pizza in roughly four and a half minutes.




Back on the road now but this time on DSCN0484the way to Pisa, Italy in order to cut off some of the drive to Rome. We made it there at night and walked along the river which was quite a spectacular sight. Then we decided to argue about stuff… usual. Then we wandered around trying to find the tower but gave up. So then while driving around trying to leave Pisa we found the tower, parked nearby, and snapped some night pics. We ended up sleeping like a block away from the tower. Hilarious.



What a fool…

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