Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Angie, Darling!

The three of us left decided to sleep in some since we didn’t have an itinerary for the day. Wonderful. Although it only lasted until like 10:30. Oh well. Good enough.

DSCN0690We met up with Logan and got some lunch at this little place nearby. Too bad it was lame. And ridiculous. How could it not be? The dished took at least 30 mins to come out. Terrible. And 2 bees flew in the Mike the Second’s shake. haha.


So we went to the ancient art museum in Berlin called Pergamemon or something like that but there was a humongous line so we took the subway to the business district (where some of the Berlin Wall still stands) because I wanted to go to this Salvador Dali exhibit. Only I went but it was worth it. That man has an insane imagination.


Afterwards Mike told me he was a few blocks away waiting for Angelina Jolie at this hotel. So on my way to go to the subway to meet him, I ran across the actual premiere of her new movie, Salt. Legit!! So I told him to get his butt over to me and we waited for likeDSCN0736 2 hours and saw a bunch of famous German actors we didn’t know (except for one dude from Inglorious Basterds). Until... the moment came! ANGELINA! Woo! So much prettier in person. Honestly. That was pretty darn cool to stumble across that.




We got some cheap food (bratwurst for me) after that and chilled at the hostel for a few hours before leaving for Amsterdam. Sweet. We took some wrong turns but made it out of the city and took a few hour nap at a rest stop. Phew. Bye Berlin!!

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