Saturday, August 14, 2010

“This ain't no Sunday drive...”

It's a Saturday one. And wasn't it a big one. We had to get out of Prague and to Krakow, Poland by 8pm (at the airport there) or else our buddy Logan would be stuck sitting around at the airport while we sped down foreign highways.

So we got up and of course awkwardly exited our minivan in front of tons of tourists and hit p Mike's hostel to get prepared for an awesome ride through communist Eastern Europe ( not all things I say are true, just 100% of them)

I took control of the wheel once again since Patrick was a sissy girl. Common occurrence in his life. But while I could've done the trip in around 7 hours, T-Nav had to EP (emergency poop) several times along the way due to a certain Kebap we all enjoyed right before leaving Prague. Sheesh. Such a princess. It was cute. Not really.
But thanks to my brilliant navigation we made it to Krakow airport in a little over 7 hours to pick our buddy up and also learned that Polish sloztys (currency) are basically worthless. 4 slzy = 1 €. Anyways, when we got into town we knew dinner was in order.

But things aren't that easy for us as we all know. We got a tid bit lost trying to find Logan's hostel and got terribly misled down back country roads by signs for a similarly named hotel, Man. Stupid. Also, T-silly was in the trunk of the car as we drove around yelling about how much he loves burritos. People… Then we found the hostel and set out for dinner.

We accidentally came across this traditional Polish food restaurant still open and I had the most amazing Goulash ever. Hunter's cakes was the meal's name I think. So good. And Polish brews were only about 1.75€ each so that was wonderful. We walked around the town a bit and called it a night.

The nightlife WAS looking pretty cool but we were so freaking tired from driving like mad through all of Eastern Europe we went back to the car. But of course not before a super cheap kebab. 2.50€ here and around 7€ in Ireland. That's what I'm talkin about! Man communism... you cheap! I like that.

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