Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If it weren’t for bidets, I’d freak out.

Well once again we bideted our bums (yes again… really) and showered and went back to the police station ready to make our new police report. Luckily it was the same awesome Italian detective from the day before but this time with a translator.

So we made our case again but this time a little more clearly. Phew. And we also fought about the French word for diesel in the middle of the police station and the translator probably though we were dumb but he was legit. But ya this time we wrote down all the stuff that was stolen instead of just some.


Ah Friends!

Once we left the station we called the Peugeot dealership in France who had been in minimal contact with the car repair shop in Roma and told us that the car wouldn’t be ready until at least the next day (the 11th). STUPID! So I demanded the address of the garage and needed to get directions so we went into this lovely 5 star hotel and looked only a bit out of place with our grotesque clothes and smelly stature. But we got directions to this place waaay far away from city centre so we left and headed for the subway. It was the most jankity, tagged, broken down subway train I’ve ever seen but we made it and walked another 15 blocks or so to find this place.

And of course the dude at the garage barely spoke a lick of English with the exception of about 3 words but we somehow managed to figure out that the fire would be fixed tomorrow but not the driver’s door keylock which would take 2 weeks to get the part in. With our strong stance of hating Roma we said just the tire is good enough since the car still locked alright and if anything is harder to get into now since the keyhole is jammed.



Headsets that tours use


This being around time of the oil spill

A feast was in order. So after we looked and looked for an American style buffet we settled on a little Italian restaurant and even saw a sweet street art exhibit outside called Rome To-day. I got some phenomenal cheese tortellini with ham. It was fantastic and tasted amazing. Then after supper we went back and checked into our 4 star hotel for the third time and the receptionist just laughed. Patrick and I got a nice rooftop room which was pretty sick.


Another day in Roma, another failure to leave it. It’s like the Twilight Zone or Roma Triangle perhaps.

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