Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rome in (about) a day…

Final day. Final freaking day in the terrible, lousy, awful (but still really gorgeous) city of Rome. And our 4 star hotel. Ha. 540€ a night for all 4 of us. Ouch for Peugeot. Hooray for our lovely bums. So clean.

Once again we took the bus in town which was sorta free since they don’t check tickets on the bus system at all. And I decided to get off at this sweet pillar first since I knew I had read about it somewhere before. Everyone rejoiced because it was wicked awesome.


Then we spent the better part of 2 hours trying to find stamps and envelopes to mail the original police report to the Peugeot place and also try and make some copies for our insurance claims (hopefully). We did figure out that we may get back some from our travel insurance. Sweet! We found possibly the only tobacco shop in Italy selling stamps and envelopes and also the only post box in Rome. What luck. Finally. And getting crap done. Finally.


And then… ROAD TRIP IS BACK ON! We went to the garage and signed some meaningless forms and drove away on a brand new tire. Yes! Suck it ROMA! (Actually the sights and people in Roma were great, just not the criminal underworld… should’ve seen that one coming i.e. the Godfatha). It took us a little while to make our way out of the City and headed in the right direction which did cost us a few € in unnecessary toll fees but we did it! We made it out of the Rome Triangle. HA!


One last Rome picture…

I took over driving since I think I am really get this stick driving thing down. And it wasn’t long before T-Lost, the navigator (aka T-rex aka Boots aka Tyler) started making me take wrong turns like crazy. 4 wrong turns almost in a row. Well we first took a wrong exit because he didn’t believe me on how this one turnoff worked. And it brought me to a roundabout on a hill where I proceeded to stall the car 3 times trying to get going. Whoops. Stupid city driving. I got it going finally and got back on the highway then immediately T-zombie had me take another wrong turn. Great. Worst navigator award. But instead of trying to get back to the highway, this time T-elder decided we should take small windy country roads which led us to Assissi, a huge castle on a hill. It was pretty darn cool, I’ll admit. But ya. Some more country roads, a couple more wrong turns including one involving a toll road and we were on the right track.

The toll road we were on for around 4 hours ended up costing us around 28€! Ouch man. But it did really help us make up time since technically we were already supposed to be in Prague, Czech Republic by now. Mike the First is waiting there for us currently. At around 2 we switched drivers at the edge of Italy since I had been driving since 8. Now it’s nearly 11am and we are driving into Prague traffic trying to find parking. Hooray.

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