Friday, August 20, 2010

A Tale of Two Countries

DSCN0788Well we awoke around 9 in our super expensive parking garage and headed into the city centre rested. Stepped in a BK Lounge (aka Burger King) and got some delicious breakfast and went to Dam Square for a free tour.

We had this guy from New Zealand take us around town and show us the sights as well as talk about the history of the city. Very cool. He was goofy but I liked it. We went to canals, “coffeeshops”, red light district, churches and tons of other things like the art district with lots of awesome graffiti. Worth the 4 hour tour. So much walking. Phewee.


It’s an entire Roy Lichtenstein building!

Our time in the most tolerant city in the world was over. We paid our 41.50€ parking lot fee and set off. But once again my navigator failed me. We went through tons of traffic then despite my questioning and doubts, Navigator Mike assured me he knew a shortcut. Isn’t that always a bad idea in the movies? Well. Failure ensued. It was then up to me to figure out the way. Fool. And figure it out I did! Ya!


What a lovely fa├žade… oh wait!! CONSTRUCTION!

So we got into Ghent, Belgium which is about an hour from Brussels and met up with my friend Elisa who lives there and went over to her apartment and had some mac and cheese while chatting it up. Good way to end the night. Free bed and first shower since Roma. Yay!

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