Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the Road again

So after catch those quick zzz’s we road again. It took a second to get the car going again but it happened. Phew…

We drove for about three hours or so until we arrived at an embassy in Switzerland (aka McDonalds) to grab some free Wifi and we  ordered some MickeyDee’s and got some Swiss Francs in return. Legit. So we left and drove on from there to Lucern, Switzerland where we stopped to try and get some Swiss brews. We’re trying to grab a brew from every country we visit. Pretty sweet right? It’s a world drink that’s made differently everywhere. Don’t judge. It’s awesome.


So we happen to drive by a Swiss brewery called Eichoff and had to stop in. We talked some Spanish to a German guy and got our stuff. DSCN0367Then when we tried to start the minivan again… no luck. Woo. Dead again. HA! But we had a plan. Do nothing for 30 mins and drink  some of our newly acquired Swiss brews so that the car will just sit like it did in Reims. So then it worked and we got the car running again and split. But not before eating some wonderful Nutella and bread. Our meal for the whole road trip basically.

We made a quick stop in a Swiss gas station to spend the rest of our Francs and bought SUPER expensive food and super gross tonic water (on accident). Off to Italy! We tried to make the tonic water flavored by putting in strawberry jam but it was an absolute failure. Dang.DSCN0390

After Swiss toll-free highways we hit Italy’s which weren’t but were DSCN0399 legitimately the nicest and fastest we’ve driven on so far. Also, it was like an Autobahn so no speed limit! Sweet! We only hit like 80mph or 130kph but there were definitely cars going like 120 at least. And this cool road to Cinque Terra cost us 8.90 euro. Ouch. but worth it.

We got to Genova which is on the Italian coastline at night and it was absolutely  gorgeous. Breathtaking. No photos unfortunately since it was so dark but I really wish I could’ve snapped some. And also the roads were super windy and hilly, it was great. So then we found a little back alley after driving through twisty streets for like an hour and proceeded to sleep right through a crazy thunderstorm. First one I’ve seen all summer. I miss that.

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