Sunday, August 15, 2010


We got up that morning and after our usual wake up/prep/slash time we started to walk through the ancient city of Krakow. It actually was a little similar to Prague in architecture and atmosphere but still absolutely beautiful in its own way.



Oh is that construction? How unexpected.



prague_mj_thumbThere was a huge town square we walked around in with a cathedral and a ton of street performers including this fantastic marionette who did a super legit dance with a Michael Jackson puppet that he made dance and moonwalk like a pro.

On the outer ring of the square in these long halls was a huge open market of anything traditional Polish arts or touristy things like shirts, jewelry, ornate glass vases and dolls. Very neat. Then we stumbled upon a perogi festival which is kinda like a Polish dumpling. Quite delicious for the most part but some we tried were quite strange.


Nearby the city of Krakow is the infamous concentration camp, Auschwitz or Osweicim in Polish. Unreal. Absolutely unreal. We walked around the smaller, original camp (there was a huge expansion of the camp across town) for at least 3 hours but since it took us forever to get there due to getting super lost, we didn't have as much time as I would've liked. Yet those 3 hours were emotionally intense  and mind boggling. I honestly want to go back and read more. There was far more to read than I could've ever done in a few short hours. (And as a small side note: It would pour down rain while we visit the most depressing place on earth.)
Anyways, once we got back we just decide to grab a couple of kebaps and take a quick nap before leaving Krakow for Berlin, which we did. At MIDNIGHT! AH! I'm so tired!

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